Have baby will travel

In preparation for our upcoming travels, I took advantage of a promo code to order more of one of my favorite “organization” products, Bambino Toy Bags. These are awesome storage bags for all things kid related (and for adult things for that matter).
These bags are so awesome I thought I would share them with you. Here are some photos of the Mini Fashionista’s things being prepped for our big trip to Europe. One bag holds crayons, stickers and coloring books. Another bag is full of new books and another DVDs and her headphones.
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Baby Mama Loves

Bambino Toy Bags

We have a baby.  She has a diaper bag.  You know that, as a parent, you have to shove all different kinds of things into the bag when you go out.  Outfits, diapers, wipes, burp rags, toys, binky, bottle, blankets, etc.  This list goes on.  After you shove the diaper bag full of all this stuff, how do you get to the things on the bottom?  You have to unpack the whole thing.  Time consuming and not a pleasant prospect when you are faced with a diaper blow-out on a nasty changing table in a public restroom!
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NW Kids

A room of one’s (or two’s) Own.


Designing your kid’s rooms may or may not come naturally to you. But with a little inspiration and planning, you could create a room they will never want to leave.

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