7 Group Halloween Costumes for the Family

7 Group Halloween Costumes for the Family

If you enjoy dressing up in costumes for Halloween, you’re probably aware of the growing trend for groups of family members or friends is to wear complimentary costumes. People are choosing group costumes from their favorite movies, TV shows, and books. Most of the entertainment options geared toward children make great Halloween costumes, so look at these ideas for enlightenment when you decide on one for your family. Here are some of my favorites.

1. The cast of Despicable Me

Your kids have probably seen this movie and will love playing their part. (Credit)


2. Batman and his villains

The cool part about this idea is that there are dozens of characters in the Batman universe to dress up as, so everyone in your family can be included (grandma, grandpa, etc.) no matter the size of your family. (Credit)


3. The cast of Nintendo’s Mario

Every kid old enough to understand Halloween has probably played one of the Mario games. There’s a large selection of characters to choose from, so invite your friends as well. Also, that bomb costume is the cutest thing ever. (Credit)


4. Aliens from Toy Story

This is another great costume because everyone can be included. It doesn’t matter if your family has four people or ten, everyone can play one of the aliens from the claw game. If you’re really crafty, mom or dad can play their godlike “claw.” (Credit)


5. The cast of The Hunger Games

This costume is best if you have older children who have read the books or seen the movies (and understand them well enough – they’re made for preteens and teens). Plus the costumes aren’t immediately distinguishable, so you’ll have to stay together for other people to understand, but it’s still a great group costume. (Credit)


6. The Lord of the Rings cast.

If you have toddlers with you, this is the perfect group costume. Dress them up as little hobbits with hairy feet and short tunics. Mom and dad can play the heroes (the rugged adventurers or elegant elves), and anyone else you bring along can play a devilish orc. (Credit)


7. The Star Wars cast.

Star Wars is a staple franchise of anyone’s childhood. Whether you’re seven or forty-seven, you probably saw one of the films in the theater, played with the toys, or read some of the books. Everyone can relate, so it’s the perfect Halloween costume with plenty of characters to choose from. (Credit)


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