Easy clean up for life’s clutter.™

At ZizzyBee, we believe children bring fun and whimsy to our lives…along with the need for organization of hundreds of teeny, tiny little toy parts.

And like most moms, we believe it is important to keep organized while using products for our children that are safe, washable, well designed, and practical. With this in mind, full-time single mom and entrepreneur Lisa Paul, saw a need and created Bambino Toy Bags.™  After seeing unused toys strewn about the house and realizing her kids had lost interest, Lisa set about to uncover the most efficient storage solution on the market and came up short.

Fabric bins, woven baskets and boxes collect everything in a mixed-up jumble and keep the toys hidden from view (for kids and mom’s, out of sight means out of mind). Plastic bags are unsafe for small children and have a short shelf life.

So we started out as Bambino Toy Bags in 2012, and then not long afterwards, ZizzyBee Bags was born.  Mom’s were coming to Lisa with so many more uses for the simple, see through, and eco-friendly storage bags.  Since the uses were endless, Lisa decided to rebrand and rename her company to encompass so much more than toy storage bags.  Along with a new name, ZizzyBee Bags come in more colors and sizes, and have many more uses…snacks, toiletries, art supplies, toys, sports gear, diapers/wipes, hair accessories, make-up, swimsuits, goggles and purse clutter.  The list is endless.

ZizzyBee Bags eliminates the need for baskets and bins and makes toys portable and travel a snap.  The attractive bags look good hanging from a hook or stacked in a diaper bag or suitcase. They are easily packable and transportable for vacations, gym and work, road trips, school, grandparent’s house, playdates, strollers and so much more.

ZizzyBee Bags / ZizzyBee, LLC is a women-owned business.

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