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Tiffany Reviews

ZizzyBee Bags Review & Giveaway

3 ZizzyBee Bags Hanging
This company sent over some of their nifty toy bags.. I am not one for organizing since my boys tend to wreck it when I put away. Though we just bought a new car and I needed something to use to keep my car toy organized! I like how they come in different sizes and colors so they each can have their own bags to use. They are also great in the tub, at pool time fun, outside, anywhere really they are drain the water and have that water like plastic material on the designs. The bags are perfect, the zippers work great, the bags expand to the toys, and they are just so fun to carry around. My son can shove like 50 hot wheels in one the big one’s and like 30 in the small ones. The bags measuring at 12.5″ x 12.5″, these durable mesh bags with zipper can be used for toys, travel, gifts, storage and more! It’s not only a toy bag, but so much more. Bags are made in the U.S.A.

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